STAYING IN TOUCH WITH YOU…about everything!


We are looking for sponsorship assistance to help launch PlanetK8 at our school.  Please look at what this amazing program can assist us with in staying in touch with our families.

We need to raise $800.00, can you help us?

 What is PlanetHS/

PlanetHS/K8 is a student-life community for schools. Controlled and moderated by them. Focused on extracurricular activities with simplified, easy-to-use features that are contextualized to meet school needs.



·         Personalized My PlanetHS/K8 page for each User

·         Notifications delivered via Text and/or Email

·         Mobile Apps for Android and iPhone

·         Voice Messaging system


·         Integrated, exportable calendars

·         Reserve and manage rooms and fields

·         Registration for events and time slots

·         Electronic lockers for managing assignments and work groups


·         Live and archived Video Streaming

·         SPECs - Surveys, Polls, Elections, and Contests

·         Media and File Sharing

·         Community Organizations and Service Hours management

We know that...

Scheduling is complex, Teacher/Student communication is regulated, and Parents can't participate as much as they wish in their students' activities. PlanetHS/K8 is the only extracurricular management, communication and participation platform for schools which addresses these challenges schools and communities face. PlanetHS/K8 is also designed to be a school-friendly fundraising platform for your school, clubs and teams.


Please contact Mrs. Ward in the front office if you or your business 

can help us with this endeavor.  (739.4175)

ATTENTION RISING 3rd graders!!!

You MUST provide proof of residency BEFORE you come to our Schedule Pick-Up Day!!  This is also the case for rising 6th graders and rising 9th graders (at their prospective schools).

You may bring your proofs of residency (copy of mortgage, lease or rental agreement AND a copy of a bill) to the school office Monday - Friday 7:30-3:30pm.
Please call Mrs. Ward at 739-4175 if you have any questions.

Springdale Elementary School

Mrs. Hope Vrana, Assistant Principal

Go to the bottom of this page and look under "PBIS"

You will see a lot in the next coming weeks and months about PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports).
Please go to our TAB at the top of this page to find out more information:)

We are using these in conjunction with D.I.V.E.
D - Dignity
I - Interacts Well with Others
V - Values their Education
E - Encourages Self and Others

We have sent home a brochure to help explain the points we will be encouraging.  Look for this and review it with your student(s).  We have posters and information all throughout the school to encourage and educate the students on focusing on Positive Behavior in all areas of the school.

Our first Dolphin Dollar Celebration day will be:

Wednesday, September 23rd
the students will 
have a choice of 

CD4-2nd grade 9:30-10:00

3rd -5th grade  10:15-10:45

Ask your student about:

Dolphin DIVE Dollars
What they need to do to earn them!

Lexington District Two Enrollment Form 


Please note:  These are just the first two sheets of our enrollment paperwork.  There will be other forms to fill out when you enroll.  Please do NOT forget to bring the information below.  Thank you:))

Please Note:  You will print this form, complete and bring with you to your home school.  At that time, you need to bring the following information:

  • Copy of your mortgage, rental or lease agreement
  • Copy of a bill in your name
  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunization Record
  • Proof of Income (If registering for 4K)
You will also have additional documents to complete at your home school.

Thank you.

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You can now apply for Free and Reduced Price Meals ON-LINE! The process is SAFE, SECURE, PRIVATE, and AVAILABLE through  It’s Easy as 1-2-3!


       Select State South Carolina and then Lexington School District Two

       Follow the instructions to complete the application

       You will need your Student’s ID# (this information can be obtained from the school’s Front Office, please call Mrs. Ward @ 739.4175 to get this number BEFORE you begin the enrollment process- Power School Number)

       Receive confirmation number online and via email

       Only 1 application per household.  Please remember to list all children living in your household on the application.


    Data is transmitted to the School District’s Office the same day you apply.  It is                 reviewed and approved or denied.  A letter is generated and mailed within 1-2                 business days stating results of application.


Call the Food Service Office 

at 803-739-8381.

From the South Carolina Department of Education:

To ensure that parents and students are treated fairly in our schools, the South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) has a policy allowing for parents to resolve problems they or their children encounter at school by contacting the SCDE’s Ombudsman, Wanda Davis, at 734-8485 should they not be satisfied by local remedies.

Para asegurarnos de que los padres y los estudiantes son tratados de manera justa en nuestras escuelas, el Departamento de Educación de Carolina del Sur (SCDE) tiene la política que permite a los padres resolver los problemas que ellos o sus hijos enfrentan en la escuela contactando al Defensor del SCDE, Wanda Davis, wdavis @ 734-8485 en caso de que no se sientan satisfechos después de haber agotado todos los recursos y haber seguido los procedimientos disponibles en las escuelas para resolver su caso.

Information about our after-school daycare program.

Boys and Girls Club of Midlands

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