Parent Updates

Do you want to be more involved at school?

Would you like to help out around the school and be involved with activities geared for your child? Join PTO!! The Parent-Teacher Organization at Congaree is always involved in the goings-on around the school. The PTO holds fund-raisers and participates in activities around the school. They plan parties and hold events that all the students love! 

PTO Officers:

President- Jenni Autry

Vice President- Sheila Gunter

Secretary- Nikki Wojcik

Treasurer- Carolyn Lowman

Parliamentarian- Craig Lowman

Volunteer Coordinator- Michelle Gray

PTO Contact Information:

Phone: (803) 463-6873

Check out the new monthly publication of Firm, Fair, and Consistent.
This magazine provides parenting advice on discipline and helping your child be successful in school. 

2015-2016 School Supply List 

Second Grade Supply List:________________________________________________________________

 8- Glue Sticks                                                                          1 – 1 ½ Binder (No Trapper Keepers) with 3 hole soft pencil pouch

2- Packs of Wide Ruled Notebook Paper                                       1- Box Washable Markers

3- Boxes or Packs of No. 2 Pencils                                              1- Pair of Scissors

2- Boxes of Kleenex                                                                   1- Pack of Expo Dry Eraser Markers

1- Pencil Pouch (small)                                                                1- Set of Ear buds

2- Lg.Bottles Hand Sanitizer                                                          2- Package of Clorox or Lysol Disinfectant wipes

1- Box of Gallon, Quart & snack size Ziplock Bags (the ZIP kind, not fold over)

3- 24 ct. Pack of Crayons

1- Pack of Multi Colored Construction Paper

4- Black and White Composition Notebooks

Third Grade Supply List:____________________________________________________________________

Dry  eraser markers                                                                            Bandaids

3 to 4 -packs of wide rule notebook paper                                     2- bottles of hand sanitizer

2- Black and White composition notebook                                     2- boxes of Kleenex

4- #2 packs of pencils                                                                 ear buds

4 to 6 glue sticks                                                                        index cards 3x5

1-8 ct Markers                                                                            Clorox wipes

1-16 ct crayon                                                                          1-pencil pouch with binder holes

1-box Ziploc bags (any size)                                                           cap erasers

4- pocket folders                                                                       4 wide ruled spiral notebooks (Myers only)

Fourth Grade Supply List:___________________________________________________________________

Loose Leaf Paper                                                                        3- Composition Books                                                        

2-box 24 ct No. 2 Pencils                                                             1- Sissors                                                                              

4- 3 prongs folders                                                                      1- pack of Pens (black)                                       

2-12 oz. or Larger Bottles of Hand Sanitizer                                  

2-Regular Size Boxes of Kleenex Tissues                                        

1-Box of Colored Pencils or 1 Box of Multicolored Markers

1-Set of Ear Buds or Headphones                                                    

2-Containers of Clorox Wipes (antibacterial wipes)                     

1-Box of Ziplock Bags (any size)                                        

2-Glue Stick

Fifth Grade Supply List_______________________________________________________________________

4- Single subject Composition notebooks                                       2 boxes of Kleenex                             

Pencils and erasers                                                                    I- box of ziplock bags, any size

Loose leaf paper                                                                          Black and Red Pens

2- Durable Folders with Pockets                                                      Glue Sticks                                                            

24 count crayons or markers

2-Bottles of hand sanitizer                                                                 

TMD Class_____________________________________________________________________________________

Glue Sticks                                                                                    Antibacterial Surface Wipes

Crayons                                                                                         Snacks

Hand Sanitizer                                                                                 Kleenex

 Baby Wipes        

                        Lexington School District 2



Let's welcome Congaree's school improvement council (SIC) to the web!

SIC is researching and implementing wonderful changes around Congaree Elementary. They would love to talk to parents and community members about the changes they are implementing or hoping to implement around the school. Here are the committee members and their email addresses. Feel free to contact them with any questions or suggestions you may have!

Principal- Jeff Becker
Assistant Principal- Kim Eubanks
Teacher- Jen Thompson
Community Leader- Sharon Moore
Community Leader-
Community Leader-