Mission, Vision, & Goals

Our Mission: What we do best

We create excellence through effort!

Our Vision: What our future looks like because of our mission

Every day we help our students move one step closer to achieving the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate!

Beliefs: What guides us

We Believe That:

·       Parents, educators, school, and community share responsibility for learning.

·       Every child is capable of learning, which is the priority of our school.

·       Literacy is the foundation of success in all content areas.

·       Differentiation meets individual learning styles ensuring that learning occurs.

·       Clear goals and high expectations result in student learning.

·       Learning thrives in an environment that inspires creativity, inquiry, innovation, and critical thinking.

·       Character education promotes the development of responsible citizens.

School Goals for 2016-2017

We have established the following goals for the 2016-2017 school year: 

1.  We will provide focused instruction based on the needs of our students and AVID Elementary strategies.  

2.  Student performance in Mathematics will increase.  (Many students struggle with problem solving in Math because they don’t know their math facts.  

        That is one area you can help with at home. )

3.  100% of students at Congaree Elementary School will have an adult advocate.  

Please talk to your child about these goals.  

Our objective is to help each child become a proficient reader and

mathematician, and to grow into a responsible citizen.  

School Motto:

At Congaree, our character always counts!