Congaree Elementary School
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Daily Schedule:

7:00- Students arrive 
7:30- Students report to classrooms
7:50- Tardy bell

2:20- Afternoon announcements
2:25- Car riders dismissed
2:25- Bus riders dismissed
3:30- Office closes 

Parents: There is NO early dismissal after 1:45 p.m

1221 Ramblin Road, West Columbia, SC  29172
(803)  755-7430 
Fax: (803) 755-7405
Jeff Becker - Principal           
Kim Eubanks - Assistant Principal

Congaree Elementary School  
is a public elementary school in
 Lexington School District Two.  

Located in South Congaree, South Carolina, 
Congaree Elementary School serves students in grades 2 - 5. 
Kindergarten and first grade students attend the 
located 2 miles from Congaree Elementary.  

School Improvement Council Election results
Congratulation to three parents elected to our School Improvement Council:  

Patti Chavis
Mechelle Mabry
Jessica Turner 

The School Improvement Council (SIC) is a committee of parents, community members 
and school staff who work with the school administration to implement the School Renewal Plan.  
They assist in writing the annual Report to the People and 
the narrative for the School Report Card.  
The committee meets 8 times each school year.   

2014-15 School Theme

Dig Deep, Cultivate with Care, and Expect Growth!

In order for our students to be successful with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) 
we will need to unpack and define what the standards are really asking of us and
to teach our students to Think, Reason, and Problem Solve on a deeper level.  

To Accomplish this
we will all need to Dig Deep, Cultivate with Care, and Expect Growth
in our understanding of Teaching and Learning.  

6th- 2nd Grade Field Trip
16th- President Day (No School)
20th- Interim Report
25th- Early Release 
@ 11:30 am

5th- Skate Night 6:00-8:00 pm @ Three Fountain Skate Ring
10th- Family Fun Night @ Food Lion 4:30-7:00 pm
12th- Future Chef Event @ BCHS 4:00-6:00 pm
18th- Spring Pictures
25th- Early Dismissal @ 11:30 am
31st- 4th Grade 
 AEP Field Trip

For the Safety & Security of our Students

If your child will get home in a way different than usual, please send your change of transportation note in writing. For the safety of your child, the school office can not 
accept changes in transportation over the phone.

Year Books on Sale!

$ 20.00 before
 March 25th

$24.00 after
 March 25th