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Class of 2016!!
Scholarships Received
Please complete this form to let us know ALL scholarships you have received...even if you don't plan to accept them. All submitted prior to the printing deadline will be 
included in the graduation 
program. Each scholarship should 
be listed separately. 
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2015 - 2016



AHS Counseling Department 

Ms. McAlister (A-C)
Mrs. Stanton (D-K)
Ms. Bledsoe (L-Q)
Ms. McBride (R-Z)
Mrs. Myers
Mrs. Deaver
Mrs. Richbourg
Mrs. Torres
 Director of School 
Counselor/Early College
Career Facilitator
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 EarlyCollege  NCAA

SC Virtual Program
Struggling to define your future career path?
Enrollment Information
*Please allow approximately 
one hour to enroll.
Withdrawal Process
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9th - 11th Grade