About the PRMS School Counseling Department

The School Counselor’s primary role and responsibility is to oversee the implementation of the South Carolina Comprehensive Developmental Guidance and Counseling Program Model. 

School Counselors fulfill this task through both direct and indirect services.  Direct services are outlined as classroom guidance, individual counseling and small group counseling.  Indirect services are outlined as consultation and collaboration with administrators, parents, faculty and support staff, district and community agency representatives and businesses.  The counselor supports and oversees the work of the Career Development Facilitator whose primary responsibilities are derived from the state comprehensive model.  The career aspect of the model is under the Learning to Work domain.

We believe that implementation of a comprehensive counseling and guidance program is an essential aspect of education for every student, at all levels.  These supportive programs facilitate student development in educational, career and social/personal domains.  Our program helps promote superior educational opportunities, lifelong learning, responsible, productive citizenship and successful students.  We take pride in our commitment to introduce and prepare our students for college and career readiness. 

College and career activities and guidance is facilitated by our Career Development Facilitator, Lynn Bouknight.


American School Counselor Association - The Role of the School Counselor 

South Carolina Comprehensive Developmental Guidance and Counseling Program Model