Welcome to Ms. Canipe's and Mr. Kinnett's 7th Grade Social Studies page. We teach world history from the mid 1500s to present day.  There are six major standards that cover 34 different indicators. Each standard is taught in Units located as subpages at the bottom of this page.

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Student Survey

Student Survey

Effective Presentation Slides

Use the following guidelines to create a slide presentation that will keep your audience’s attention.

  1. Keep design consistent throughout your slides.

  • Choose a light colored background with dark text.

  • Do not use black backgrounds with blue or red text. It will be difficult for your reader to focus on your message.

  • Use upper and lower case letters, NOT all caps.

  • Make sure all of your chosen text fits on the slide. Do not type too close to the edges of the slide.

  1. Keep it simple.

  • Only use the number of slides you need to cover the material.

  • Use a low word count. You do not have to use complete sentences.

  • Use no more than 5 bullet points per slide.

  1. Use visuals to support your ideas.

  • All images should relate to your content.

  • Do not use lots of clip art.

  • Limit the number of images you use per slide.

  • Not all slides need an image.

  1. Use limited transitions.

  • Do NOT use a different transition for every slide or for every line on a slide.

  • Choose 1-2 transitions to introduce new ideas.