This classroom has 22 students who are busy reading, writing, speaking, listening, computing, observing, and investigating while they play.  We want children to be engaged in meaningful, developmentally appropriate learning activities which meet the needs of all students. 
    Practicing being the teacher                 and           painting our class tree.

                                                                                 We made a tree using solid shapes.


First in Math achievement certificate winners!

                                    Engineering ramps                     and                           building a factory.

                               Trip to Lexington County Museum

                                                Learning about Native Americans


                                   Learning about toys and games from long ago.

Acting out "Little Miss Muffet"    and    "Humpty Dumpty"
        Acting out the Gingerbread Man                                                             Acting out the Three Pigs!    


                                  We peeled apples         and       cooked applesauce!  

     Our trip to the Riverbanks Zoo

 Observing and  sorting leaves                                                                       Making leaf rubbings  

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