Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association

What is The Rimfire Challenge?

Taken from the RCSA rule book.

The RCSA Rimfire Challenge, formerly known as the NSSF Rimfire Challenge, introduces participants to the fun and excitement of competitive shooting in a safe, lowpressure, family-friendly format. All levels of target shooters—new, novice and experienced—are welcome to compete. Each will find a challenge appropriate to his or her level of marksmanship.  The Rimfire Challenge was developed with safety in mind. Shooters are required to compete using a rifle and handgun from any manufacturer in .22 Long Rifle caliber. The targets are steel plates that are set in a course of fire that is no less than 5 plates and no more than 7 plates. The course of fire is designed to be completed by even the most inexperienced shooter using one 10-round magazine without the need to reload “on the clock.” Steel plates were chosen as the targets because they are easy to buy or build, and because this type of target provides the shooter with immediate visual and audio feedback.  A unique feature of the RCSA Rimfire Challenge is that experienced participants are encouraged to help new and novice shooters move up to the next level of proficiency by sharing their tips and shooting knowledge. Matches emphasize the friendly, supportive aspects of target shooting and competition. This low-key competition should remind participants that the shooting sports are lifetime activities that are fun and affordable for men, women and youth.
Here is a good video introduction to Rimfire Challenge shooting.  Please note that it's an older video from when the sport was run by the NSSF and some things have changed a little.  Especially the equipment rules, more things are allowed in limited now than when this video was made.  Still, the video is a good introduction for those who are looking to get started.

NSSF Rimfire Challenge

Matches will be held on the first Sunday of each month, April through October.  Additionally, we sometimes add matches, weather permitting.  Watch our Facebook page for announcements about these matches and other club activities. 

Registration will begin at 9:00am and the match will begin at 10:00am.  You will need both at .22 rifle and .22 pistol.  It is recommended to bring at least 200 rounds of ammo.

Please remember the Rimfire Challenge rules state:
All firearms must be in hard or soft cases or gun rugs when brought to the designated shooting area and must be in hard or soft cases or gun rugs when removed from the designated shooting area. No holsters are allowed.

For more details, and the full rule book, please visit the RSCA website.

2018 Results

Results are now hosted on Practiscore.  Here is the club's match results page.

We are going to begin keeping a record list for the club matches.  There will be 4 stages (to be posted soon) that we will use.  1 of the 4 stages will be shot each month on a rotating basis.  We will be using your total stage time (4 best strings) for the record.  We will have both "Season best" and "Club Record" boards in each of 3 categories "Junior" (under 18) "Senior" (62 and over) and "General" (everyone else).  The first of the record stages will be shot at the September 2017 match.  The leader boards will be posted here after that match.

Overall Club Records

Doubletap - pistol                Reaction Time - Rifle

Open Division:                                        Open Division:
1st, Ron Guyer 5.79,                                   1. Jacob McMaster 5.14 
2nd Galen Hurst 6.26                                  2. Mark Rodriguez 5.60
3rd Dan Myers 6.70                                    3. Dan McMaster 5.82
4th Dan McMaster 6.74                              4. Michael Kubarek 6.41
5th Kert Wilson 7.31                                   

Limited Division:                                Limited Division:
Cory Shay 5.45                                           1. Ron Singer 5.60
Ron Singer 7.33                                          2. Steve Hammer 6.74
Shearer, Doug 9.53                                     3. Cory Shay 8.38

                                                            Junior - Open
                                                                    1. Jacob McMaster 5.14

                                                            Senior - Limited
                                                                    1. Steve Hammer 6.74
                                                                    2. Cory Shay 8.38

Double Tap - Rifle              Reaction Time - Pistol
Open Division:                                
Open Division:
1. Michael Kubarek 7.77                           1. Jon Sofko 4.69
2. Jr Marshall 8.32                                    2. Steven Baker 5.15
3. Christopher Groninger 8.33                  3. Ronald Guyer 5.36
4. Ginny Singer 9.20                                4. Dan Myers 5.70
5. Ronald Guyer 9.75                               5. Michael Kubarek 6.13

Limited Division:                             Limited Division:
1. Ron Singer 6.80                                  1. Ron Singer 6.82
                                                                2. Stacy Lobdell 13.32             

2018 Season Records
Double Tap - Rifle                        Reaction Time - Pistol
Open Division:                                      Open Division:
1. Michael Kubarek 7.77                              1. Jon Sofko 4.69
2. Jr Marshall 8.32                                       2. Steven Baker 5.15
3. Christopher Groninger 8.33                     3. Ronald Guyer 5.36
4. Ginny Singer 9.20                                   4. Dan Myers 5.70
5. Ronald Guyer 9.75                                  5. Michael Kubarek 6.13    

Limited Division:                                    Limited Division: 
1. Ron Singer 6.80                                      1. Ron Singer 6.82
                                                                    2. Stacy Lobdell 13.32

Double Tap - Pistol
Open Division:

1st Ron Guyer 5.79
2nd Galen Hurst 6.26
3rd Dan Myers 6.70
4th Dan McMaster 6.74
5th Michael Kubarek 8.22
Limited Division:
1st Cory Shay 5.45
2nd Ron Singer 7.48
3rd Doug Shearer 9.53

2017 Season Records  

Doubletap - pistol

Open Division:
1st, Ron Guyer 6.26,
2nd Kert Wilson 7.31,
3rd Michael Kubarek 8.43
4th Eric Schulz 8.58

Limited Division:
Ron Singer 7.33
Cory Shay 8.25

Reaction Time - rifle

Open Division:
1. Jacob McMaster 5.14
2. Mark Rodriguez 5.60
3. Dan McMaster 5.82
4. Michael Kubarek 6.41
5. Ron Guyer 6.46
Limited Division:
1. Ron Singer 5.60
2. Steve Hammer 6.74
3. Cory Shay 8.38

Junior - Open
1. Jacob McMaster 5.14

Senior - Limited
1. Steve Hammer 6.74
2. Cory Shay 8.38

Any firearm (pistol or revolver in handgun class) with scopes,optical sights, light gathering scopes, battery powered optics or lasers.

Guns with iron sights. Adjustable sights and fiber optics are allowed. No electronic sights or optics are allowed.

Special Recognition Categories


Single action revolvers and period lever action or pump action rifles with iron sights.
All participants in Cowboy/Cowgirl class must wear a cowboy hat in competition.

Top Lady

Female participants of any age may compete in this

Top Youth

Both male and female participants age 12 and under may
compete in this category.

Top Junior

Both male and female participants age 13-17 may compete
in this category.
Top Senior

Both male and female participants age 62 and older may
compete in this category.
There must be at least three (3) participants in a given category for
that category to be recognized in a match.

Questions or comments, email match director Ron Singer
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2016 Match Results
NSSF Freedom Match Sep 3-4
Thank you to Dave Swaney for sharing the pictures he took this weekend.

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