Grocery matches

Grocery matches are indoor .22 rimfire rifle matches fired at 50 ft.  Match fee is $10 for 20 rounds.  There are 12 prizes per round.  Cake and meat "bonus rounds" are 50 cents per target.

The club will open at 6 PM for practice and the match begins at 7 PM.  Matches are held every Saturday night, starting January 7th 2017 and continuing until the last Saturday of March 2017.

We will be doing a season prize again for the 2017 season.  This year's prize is a 10/22 donated by White's Firearms and Training.  Each week, one of the prize levels will be tickets for the drawing.  There will be 20 tickets each week.  The ticket prize "slot" will be different each week, from 1st place on the board down to 12th place.

If you have any questions, you can e-mail them to

The prize table from week 3.  (Note, the 2nd place prize was frozen, so only a couple were on the table at a time, the rest were in the freezer).