PowerSchool Parent/Student Start Screen

Here is a quick explanation of Parent Portal screens

1: The grade history.  The grades stored for your student historically by each year. Click on the tab for the year to see grades for that year.
2:  The attendance history for this school year.
3:  BrightArrow Messenges.  This is the new phone notification system.  Clicking here will show messages so you can listen to or read them again.  You can also view the numbers being called and set up additional numbers to call
4:  Email Notification.   Set up emails from PowerSchool at a frequency you set.  PowerSchool does not send the standards on assignments but will send the assessment name and if the teacher has flagged it as completed or missing.
Summary of current grades and attendance
Detailed report of attendance
Detailed report showing all assignment scores for each class
School announcements

5:  Teacher Comments: Select a term and see the comments the teacher is entered.
6:  School Bulletin.  The school bulletin can be used by your school events.   
7:  Class Registration can be used by students to sign up for their classes electronically.
8:  Your student's schedule (Bell Schedule or Matrix).  Class days and times are not entered for elementary students.
9:  Your students lunch balance
10:  LPS Custom Screens (Search assignments, see Honor Roll Records, Current NWEA Score, and Photo)
11:  Your school phone number and basic information
12:  Account preferences.  Where you change your password, email address, add students,  and change your account information.          
The email Teachers will open up your default email client with your teachers current email addresses.
The standards grade tab lists the final standard score for each class (by term)

The district code is used when you set up the app (bottom left)