The parent and student portal will be turned on 8/28/2019

You should have received a letter home from your school with a Parent Access ID (username) and (access) password as well as a student login account.  Your students login will work without creating a single sign on account but the parent one will not.  Single Sign On accounts became mandatory with PowerSchool 9.  Single Sign On (I will call it SSO from now on) let's parents link student accounts (up to 7 students) to an account they create. 

The PowerSchool Parent and Student letter looks like this.  The red arrows mark where the Access ID and password are located.

The URL to the PowerSchool Parent and Student Portal is::

Step 1:  Click the Create Account tab

Step 2:  Click the Create Account Button

Step 3:  All of the items with a red arrow are mandatory.  I suggest using your email address as your username to make remembering it easier and to ensure it is unique.  The information you enter in the LInk Students to Account section comes from your Parent Letter.  If you have more than one student enter the second information for you second student starting at the number 2. Leave it blank if you only have one students. Remember you must enter information in every box with a red arrow pointing towards it.  

*Usernames( the one you create in the desired username below), passwords (the one you create in the password and re-enter password), access ids /usernames (the one(s) from your letter), and passwords (from your letter) are all case sensitive. 

Step 4: After you create your account it will take you back to the login screen where you enter the (labeled desired username above) username and password (the one you created).

Step 5: The start screen.  You switch students by clicking on the first name of the student in the upper left.