Math at Montello Elementary
(Click on the image for a short video on Guided Math)

Teachers use the Guided Math model as the mode of delivery in Math. This means that the Math block contains the following components.....

Warm-Up: This is a quick activity that gets students thinking about the math for the day.

Mini-Lesson: The teacher provides information about what students will be learning about. All students receive the same lesson for the day during this period of time.

Guided Practice: Together the teacher and student complete tasks that are related to the lesson of the day.

Independent Practice: Students complete tasks that are much like the mini-lesson and guided practice, but this time they do it on their own. Information from this section of the math block helps the teacher to understand what the student knows in regards to the lesson and helps to develop next steps for instruction.

Workshop: Students are provided with independent work to complete individually, in pairs, or in cooperative groups, the work may be follow-up from whole class or small-group instruction, practice of previously mastered skills, investigations, math games, Math Journals, or interdisciplinary work. The majority of work should be related to unit specific goals.

Small Group Instruction: Groups change based on needs of students. This is where new concepts are introduced, practice new skills, work with maipulatives, provide intensive and targeted instruction to struggling learners, introduce activities that will later become part of Math Workshop, conduct informal assessments, and reteach based on student needs.

Conferencing: To enhance learning, teachers confer individually with students, informally assess their understanding, provide opportunities for one-on-one mathematical communications, and determine teaching points for individual students, as well as for the class.