The Friends of the Lewis Library and Technology Center is a community-based nonprofit organization, in partnership with the library, dedicated to enriching the lives of residents by connecting resources and people to library services, activities, and programs.

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We accept books, textbooks, magazines, DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes, and LPs.  We graciously accept donations daily!  A receipt will be given for tax purposes upon request.

DVD Rentals

Top 10 Reasons to Rent DVDs from the Library


    1. New releases available right away.

    2. 3 day rentals $1.50, not $1 for 1 day.

    3. Multiple quantities of great movies.

    4. Some DVDs rent free.

    5. No credit card required.

    6. New releases and oldies.

    7. Support children’s services.

    8. Support your library.

    9. Support your community.

  10. Convenience—You’re already here! 




Don't Miss Out in Supporting Your Library!

Save the Date in  2014!
February 1st 10am - 3 pm
$4 a Bag 
April 5th 10am - 3pm
The Big Bundled Book Sale
June 14th 10am - 3 pm
$4 a Bag
August 2nd10am - 3pm
The Big Bundled Book Sale
October 4th 10am - 3pm
$4 a Bag
December 6th 10am - 3pm
The Big Bundled Book Sale
and Holiday Craft Fair

Bookstore Weekly Specials

Come in and see our weekly specials!


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