Student Publishing/Creation

Titan Hill 2nd and 3rd graders explored Stop Animation during our Early Out

Marley and Addisyn's Stop Animation Video

Caden and Quentin's Stop Animation Video

During the month of December Titan Hill students explored computer science by participating in Hour of Code events. As part of these events, students experimented with the basics of coding (or computer programming). Here are some example of what our Titan Hill students created:

4th grader Brodie S. coded his own cartoon (via

Coding "The Journey" by Brodie S.

4th grader Isabel L. coded a background for a dancer (via Made With Code):

Dance Visualizer by Isabel L.

40 Titan Hill 2nd and 3rd graders explored Digital Photography during Clubs!
Here's a sample of what they created:

4th Grade Dot Day Drawings


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