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Past Library Events

The events listed below are just a small sampling of the events we held in the Titan Hill Library!

We spent March celebrating Read Across America!

Past Events:

September 15(ish) is widely recognized as International Dot Day in honor of the book The Dot by Peter Reynolds. 
At Titan Hill, students will be asked invited to join in the celebrations, which are meant to honor creativity, courage, and connections to others in order to make our mark on the world! Examples of student celebrations coming soon!

Be sure to check out the "Student Publishing/Creation" page for examples of student work!

November was National Picture Book Month! The Titan Hill Library was an official:

Many Titan Hill Classes were able to connect with other classrooms across the nation for sharing picture book connections. Classes were able to connect with other classrooms in Iowa, Alabama, and Texas! Pictures coming soon!

During the month of December, we celebrated Hour of Code at Titan Hill!

Celebrating a love of words!
Titan Hill 3rd graders received dictionaries in loving memory of Nancy Sims Hutchinson

When Nancy Sims Hutchinson, a reading teacher at Kreft in Lewis Central, passed away suddenly eight years ago, her family decided to honor her memory by passing on her love of words. So began the tradition of distributing dictionaries to Lewis Central students. Every year for the past eight years, Larry Hutchinson, Nancy's husband, has delivered enough dictionaries to Titan Hill Intermediate for every 3rd grader. This year, for the first time, Larry was able to visit each 3rd grade classroom and a new tradition has been started at Titan Hill: Dictionary Day! 

As part of Dictionary Day, 3rd graders received their own dictionaries, Mrs. Kleinmeyer visited and read Fancy Nancy, talked about the power of words and kicked off a year-long "Word Wizard" challenge. Third graders were tasked with spreading the "magic of words" here at Titan Hill. They will be bringing word cards (complete with word, part of speech, and definition) to the Titan Hill library, where they will be fed to the Word Nerd. The goal is to display 500+ words!

Be on the look out for other word celebration activities this year!

Titan Hill 4th Graders Spend Day Reinforcing Leadership and Literacy

Titan Hill 4th graders spent their day reinforcing their leadership and literacy skills. Students started the day listening to local author, James Solheim, who reinforced the power of reading. Solheim spoke with the students about exploring their interests and challenging their brains.


Fourth graders then got to visit the Titan Hill library for a "Book Tasting." Students were given samples of books from the three Fiction Sections of the library and were allowed to "sample" the books from the "buffet." 


Happy International Dot Day

September 15 is International Dot Day, celebrating Peter H. Reynold's book The Dot (see below for the full book recommendation). Several classes at Titan Hill Intermediate participated in Dot Day activities while visiting the Titan Hill library, including listening to and discussing the book and creating their "mark" by creating bookmarks.