The Lewis County C-1 PTO is an organization to assist our parents and teachers in providing education to our children.  PTO not only helps through financial aid to the school (such as  purchasing items such as technology, books, and playground equipment), but also community/family events like free movie nights. This organization is lead solely by volunteer community members who strive to continue to improve ways to help our children by supporting our school district in various ways.  As President of PTO, I encourage anyone to be a part of PTO, no matter how large or small a role you can play!  In this era of busy schedules, resources such as e-mail, facebook, and phones are steadily taking the place of physical meetings to discuss ideas.  Although PTO meets once every other month (on the second Monday), anyone can send their ideas, thoughts, and/or questions/concerns via e-mail, text, social media (to a member that is on it!) or the Suggestion Box form here on this site.  So please come join us as we continue to seek ways to improve our children's education and  help their journey be successful!

                                                                      Jennifer Parrish
                                                                    2015 Lewis County C-1 PTO President

Meeting Information

PTO meetings are the second Monday of every other month. The next meetings are on January 11, March 14, and May 9.  Meetings are held at HES library/media center at 6:00 p.m. If you are unable to attend but have suggestions or ideas please fill out the Suggestion Box form on this page.   

PTO Suggestion Box