In a society that is growing increasingly more impersonal and uncaring, many people are searching for a church where they feel welcomed; a place where people care; a place they can find meaning and purpose for life, and a place where they can grow their families closer to God. If you are seeking that kind of a place and that kind of a people, then the Levy church of Christ may be for you.

The people in this church are not perfect, but we have discovered a new reason to live through the grace and mercy that are found in Jesus Christ. Through our relationships with Him, we not only have the promise of eternal life, but the experience of an abundant life. Having received His gifts of love and life, we are now committed to share them with others.

Our desire and commitment as a church is to help the people of Central Arkansas to come to know and then grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, because, it is through Him, and Him ALONE, that they are prepared both for life and for eternity. We are, simply, a church that is focused on building a strong family for the glory of God.   Mission Statement

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