LCK Mission Statement
Levy Christian Kindergarten is a preschool and kindergarten for children ages three through six.
This is a Montessori classroom setting in a Christian environment.
The kindergarten provides a safe and loving place for young children
to develop skills needed for growth, learning and life.



           The Montessori Method was created by Maria Montessori.

She believed the following:
  • Children are competent beings, encouraged to make maximal decisions
  • Observation of the child in the prepared environment as the basis for ongoing curriculum
  • Small, child-sized furniture and creation of small child-sized environment (microcosm) in which each can be competent to produce overall a self-running small children's world
  • Creation of a scale of sensitive periods of development, which provides a focus for class work that is appropriate and uniquely stimulating and motivating to the child.
  • The importance of the "absorbent mind," the limitless motivation of the young child to achieve competence over his or her environment and the perfect his or her environment and to perfect his or her skills and understandings as they occur within each sensitive period.
  • Self-correcting "auto-didactic" materials.