Originally from Leeds, I’m currently a Director of MuPrint - the quick print shop offering printing, copying and binding services for Manchester’s students and university staff, which opened in 2011. I started MuPrint after leaving my previous job at the University of Manchester Students' Union where I was the founding manager of their print shop, U-Print, for 23 years. But, after a major restructuring my skills and experience were no longer needed. Well then, thought I, I’ll do it myself!

As of March 2014, U-Print is now owned and operated by MuPrint. So there.

You can find my occasional pearls of wisdom in 140 characters or less at Twitter and even photos. You can even find me on Facebook now although I’ve pretty much lost interest with it already.

If you want to find me, weekdays I might be cycling the roads of south Manchester commuting to and from work (rarely every day now as I'm gradually winding down and I'd rather be cycling somewhere more exciting than, say, through Rusholme). At the weekend and when not at work, I'm normally cycling up a hill somewhere, usually in the Peak District but possibly Tenerife, Gran Canaria or Málaga.

Do you want up to 10GB of free online storage you can access from anywhere and use to transfer large files? Try Dropbox (link gets you 2GB plus an extra 250MB - and for me too - first 32 people only!).

Need a web site designing? Ask my mate John Shiel at Krann (he’s also my partner in MuPrint).