Mrs. St.Gemme's Class

Special Class Schedule

Many of you have asked me what days your children have certain special classes.  Below is a list of the special class schedule.

Art - Monday and Friday
Library - Tuesday
P.E. - Wednesday
Music - Thursday

                                       birthday cake large


Laynee will blow out 6 candles on April 20th.  Happy Birthday Laynee!

Logan will celebrate May 10th.  Happy Birthday Logan!

Drayden will celebrate May 18th.

Daniel will celebrate June 1st.

Aubrey will celebrate June 25th.

Xander will celebrate July 7th.

Student of the Month
award ribbon blue


Kanyon was chosen as the March student of the month.  Way to go Kanyon!


Mason and Leighton were both chosen as the April student of the month.  Way to go guys!