Welcome to LES Mexico

Message from the LES México President

Dear LES Mexico members:

It is a true honor for me to be representing in a second opportunity as President the association of technology transfer executives with most tradition and experience in Mexico.

It is because of the identification of technology transfer offices as fundamental entities for the promotion of innovation in Mexico, through the implementation of transparent technology transfer processes in research institutions, that nowadays such entities are more conscious of the importance of intellectual property and knowledge commercialization for innovation.

Fortunately, although public policies have changed over time in terms of emphasis and points of view, technology transfer processes are now part of the institutional strategies of most public and private research centers in Mexico. The latter has imposed a basic need for continuing this sound public policy: forming professionals with the necessary competencies for its management.

This is why, more than ever, our association has not only the opportunity but also the duty of working hard for the aspirations set forth since the establishment of the by-laws of LES Mexico in consistency with those of the Licensing Executives Society International (LESI):

 “To support the documentary, scientific and technological research through the knowledge, study, discussion, ideas exchange, information and through the creation of instruments, laws and doctrines related to technology transfer and the use of intellectual property for value creation, as well as for promoting the highest ethical standards between the people involved in technology transfer, including ethical standards for contracting technology locally and internationally and for contracting licenses over industrial and intelectual property.

 The great challenge we face today is ethics and setting minimum quality standards for the services related to technology transfer. LES Mexico has a fundamental role in this process. The board that along with me has been designated for that purpose will not spare any effort in order to achieve such aspiration. This is an aspiration that our association has had since 1974, which today can become a reality with the support of all LES Mexico members.

 We need your help.

Héctor E. Chagoya Cortés


LES México, A. C.