Creative Tools
Ignite is filled with tools and equipment that inspire our students to create and have fun while bringing in to play science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM).  Students can use each tool independently , or, decide to combine them in novel ways. If a student loves to create stories and videos, she may want to use the Stop Motion set. She could also team up with students who love to design robotics with Arduino or Lego Robotics, to create a Mr. Roboto love story.
These tools are learning and creation platforms that invite students to mashup their creativity with learning objectives in order to output an exciting learning experience.

"Wow! So cool" are the reactions the students have when they first see it.  The Makerbot can take the idea of students, designed in 3D software, and print it out as a real plastic object.  The power of creating real things leave a big impact on our future innovators and designers.  This gives our students experience in rapid prototyping, manufacturing and engineering in exciting and fun ways, and ignites students desire to create and make.  Imagine it, Design it, Print it!  Learn More at

“Remember how you watched, fascinated, when King Kong climb the Empire State building? When Luke Skywalker rode the ice beasts? When Wallace and Gromit hunted down the Were-Rabbit? Now it's time to tell your story, frame by frame.” -

We all students love iPads. We use it a different way. Instead of using it to consume information and play games, we fill it with apps that allow our students to create and design. Students use iMotion HD to film Stop Motion Films, iMovie to create videos, and Garage Band to produce their soundtrack. 

Art Supplies

Creative Computer Stations

The Eggbot