The Ignite Space

The Ignite Space

We were bold and revolutionary from the beginning.  The space is  a place where students want to come, to break the mold, and be creative. When a student walks in, they walk into a space where they think,

"This place is different, I want to be here, I am inspired, let's make something amazing!"

We brought in students to get there ideas. Then, we took it a step further, and asked the students to take the lead to design it. We set only the following vision: The space should be positive, safe, inspire creativity, elicit individuals unique passions and strengths, foster deep collaboration, and encourage wild ideas! Some of the 8th grade students helping with the design stated they did not want to leave Verrado Middle School next year because they love Ignite so much.

The space is meant to be highly flexible, allowing the space to be rearranged to suit the changing needs and ideas of the students. Instead of neat rows facing the teacher, we have tables arranged to foster collaboration as students face each other for self-directed and empowered projects.

We are still building the space with the students and staff, so, stay tuned as it evolves and emerges.

Before Pics

After Pics



Designed by Students!




Designed for Collaboration