Agile Based Learning Environment 

We use a framework, called Agile Based Learning Environment (ABLE), for student projects.  ABLE is adapted for classrooms from an Agile Product Development framework, called Scrum, that companies such as Google, Yahoo, 3M, NPR, Microsoft, Motorola Honda, and many more use to develop innovative products and services. It provides students an evolutionary approach to learning and creating that enables self-direction, accountability, collaboration, productivity, empowerment, and creativity. At the same time, it provides clear goals to be met, frequent check points and visible progress indicators for students to self-assess and for teachers to gauge progress, while still nurturing student self-direction,  empowerment, and creativity. Not only is Agile Based Learning at Ignite an effective and more engaging way for students to learn and create, but, it prepares them for how they will work in the future.  Ignite + ABLE is IgnitABLE! You can see some of our 4th graders using Agile Based Learning Overview and a Video of Agile Based Learning in action.

The Agile Based Learning Environment , we believe, is the best framework for students to develop 21st Century Skills. Every component of 21st Century skills are integrated deeply together at Ignite and ABLE.