Why they are endangered

Dugongs have a few predators but not that many they do include, hunting by Killer Whales, Crocadiles and Sharks (particularly the great white shark.) But they aren't the only animals that hunt the dugong we impact them in a big way because people in other countries hunt them for their meat illeagallly and then that's how they also became endangered. Also the other enermies of the dugong are the Tigar Sharks.
Dugongs are widly spread from place to place.
They can be found  in the waters of about 43 countries along the western Pacific and Indian Oceans. They are mostly found off the coastal areas of the tropical and subtropical Indo-West Pacific, where shallow seagrass meadows are found. Dugongs are the only sirenian found in the Indo-Pacific region. They are the most marine of the sirenians in their habitat preference, and almost never enter fresh water. Dugongs are most often found in shallow water, less than five meters deep.
Generally shy, dugongs have been observed feeding in groups of 100 animals or more. They swim slowly (less than 5.4 knots) using the tail fluke for push and their flippers for braking, turning or sculling to keep their nostrils above the waves in rough water. Speeds of up to 13.5 knots can be maintained for short distances.
There is believed to be from this year only their 2252 dugongs left in the world.
 Human Impact
Dugongs are widly impact very much by us as we destroy them and their habitats.
We are impacting the dugongs in many ways such as hunting them for their meat, using their skin for clothing and other escentuals.  But we as people in other countries kill dugong's for no reason or  we just want money because for some reason dugong's must taste really yummy because people just keep doing it.   

How we can help
We can help the dugongs in so many different ways.
The dugong's can be helped by making it by law that if you hunt the dugongs you will be put in jail or you have to pay a very big large sum of money. Other ways that we can help the dugongs is by putting tracking devises on all dugongs so that we can track them and if they are in danger then we should probably make a area in some zoos to keep dugongs in there and keep them alive.
How are they endangered
Dugongs are hunting in many ways and sometimes I ask myself why, why do people hunt them I mean what did they ever do to us so if you do hunt them then styop it. They are endangered because tiger sharks, sharks, crocadiles and killer whales. But they aren't the only ones who are hunting and killing the dugongs we are as well you may think that we just go about and if we just happen to see a dugong then we might go, 'oh look it's a dugongs lets take some photos' well your wrong if you thought that because in other countries that you might not live in are really well and truely are hunting the dugongs so say if they spotted a dugong they would say 'oh look it's a dugong lets get our boat up and running and have a nice big fat and juicy dugong for dinner and then the rest of it we'll sell the rest of it at the market tomorrow. Lets hope that that doesn't happen here.
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