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Hello and welcome to my website on the endangered species the Greater Bilby!! I have been studying this animal for all of term 4 at Leopold Primary school in 2011! This website is all about the Australian Greater Bilby there is 7 pages full of information about: their Habitat, their Appearance, their Behaviour, their classification, why they are Endangered and the Reference page that has all the different websites that I got information from!!


I hope you like it!!!

EX- Extinct
EW- Extinct in the Wild
CR- Critically Endangered
EN- Endangered
VU- Vulnerable
NT- Near Threatened
LC- Least Concerned
DD- Data Deficient
NE- Not Evaluated
 Australian Desert Animals
Flag of Australia and Cocos Islands Waving Animated Clipart  The Top 5 things you need to know about the Greater Bilby:
  • They are found in WA, NT and QLD.
  • They are endangered in QLD.
  • Bilbies are Omnivores, which mean they eat a range of foods including seeds, fungi, bulbs, and insects.
  • They are endangered because large populations of predators have killed the bilbies, and their Habitat. 
  • There is estimated to be about 600 to 700 bilbies left in the wild around Australia!!