Health Benefits/Enrollment Form/Plan Summaries

Aetna — Information on Aetna website Aetna Member Services: 1-877-STATE NJ (1-877-782-8365)

Enrollment Form — Enrollment form needs to be filled out anytime there is a change (birth, marriage, divorce)

NJ Direct 10/15 — NJ Direct 10/15 – view claims/get new cards/find a doctor Horizon Member Services: 1-800-414-SHBP (1-800-414-7427)

NJ Direct 10 Claim Form — NJ Direct 10 Claim form for out of network claims

NJ Pensions — Summary of what is covered under different plans offered- each plan listed individually

Phone App — Directions for phone app

Plan Summaries for Aetna/Horizon/NJ Direct — Plan Summaries for Aetna/Horizon/NJ Direct