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As part of the initiative to develop a national standard for sustainable agriculture through the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the Reference Documents and Information Subcommittee (and former Reference Documents Task Force) has been charged with gathering and assessing reference standards and documents that are relevant to the work of the Sustainable Agriculture Standard Subcommittees and Standards Committee. We are seeking participation and assistance from Standards Committee members, subcommittee members, observers and other interested parties to assist with this project.

Collected documents will be cataloged according to the following categories:

(1) Standards

(2) Guidance Documents

(3) Metrics

(4) Research / Analysis Documents

(5) Regulatory Documents

(6) Other

(7) Articles

(8) Issue Papers (written by process participants)

(9) Core Guidance Documents

(10) Sustainable Agriculture Standard Newsletters

If you would like to contribute documents to the Reference Documents Library, please submit any relevant documents to Jennifer Trucks (jennifer@leonardoacademy.org). A regularly updated index of the documents posted to the Library can be found below.

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