Welcome to the Leo Baeck Europeans for Peace website!  This site is dedicated to a delegation of Leo Baeck students participating in this international program.   

Europeans for Peace provides financial support for project meetings between young people from Germany, Central, Eastern or South Eastern Europe or Israel who are tackling cross-border issues concerning the history and aftermath of National Socialism and current questions on enforcement of human rights. 

This year, 10 students from Leo Baeck are participating in a program based in Germany, aimed to enhance dialogue between Jordanian, German, and Israeli students and in particular on their different media perspectives.  

This year's conference will take place between November 13th and November 23rd in Manheim and Berlin, Germany.

Log into the project website (for members only): www.majo.de/truth

Daily Blog

  • Back at Home! The Israeli delegation made it back home after a 14 hour journey through Zurich.  After staying up most of the night with their German and Jordanian counterparts, at 3am the Israeli delegation made a round of hugs, shed some tears with their friends, and headed to the airport.  The flight and train-ride were nothing dramatic, except for nearly missing the connecting flight in Zurich!  But we all made it back, safe and sound, and now ready to continue the dialogues on the web forum.
    Posted Nov 22, 2009, 9:21 AM by Unknown user
  • Reporting, Ice-Skating, and more Discussion The monring was spent interviewing an elected policitical leader in the national German House of Representatives.  After learning about his experiences working on various social issues and with different journalists, the group entered into a session where they learned how to use the online platform that will allow this project to continue after the physical meetings are over on November 23rd.  Students began posting their own blogs and pictures to the project website, while learning more about the long term objectives of the project, which involve critically examining their own media through online discussions.  After an intense morning of work, the group took an afternoon break in the hockey rink, ice-skating around, helping eachother up when they fell on ...
    Posted Nov 18, 2009, 3:01 PM by Unknown user
  • German, Israeli, and Jordanian Perspectives on the Middle East Conflict After a warm up activity where groups of students that included a Jordanian, Israeli, and German found similarities between each other, the E4P group delved into one of the central themes of the project - exploring different perspectives on the Middle East Conflict.The day before, country groups created lists of quesions about political, cultural, and the the social life of the other groups.  Now, cross-sectional groups tried to answer these questions - sometimes in groups of 3, and sometimes in 6.  Mostly, a cooperative atmosphere of listening an appreciative inquiry took place.  However, on more than 1 occassion the difference of opinions was evident.  These were quickly dealt with, however, through feedback sessions that allowed the students to peaceably share ...
    Posted Nov 18, 2009, 2:53 PM by Unknown user
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