WHAT IS JROTC? The Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) program includes full credit elective courses which provide interesting classroom instruction combined with the opportunity to serve the school and community, participate in extra-curricular activities, enjoy social activities, and develop leadership responsibilities.
DO I HAVE TO JOIN THE MILITARY IF I PARTICIPATE IN JROTC? No. There is no obligation to join the military after participating in JROTC. However, many students participate in JROTC because they want to gain insight into the military, and some do in fact join the military after participating in JROTC.
DO I HAVE TO PAY TO PARTICIPATE IN JROTC? There is a $1 cost for the name tag, and (for those cadets who chose to attend) there is an $8 cost to attend summer camp. Otherwise, there are no costs involved. Uniforms are provided by the government and remain the property of the government. The only way you have to pay for a uniform item is if you fail to return it, or lose it. Clothes can be exchanged for different sized when appropriate, at no cost.
WHAT IS TAUGHT IN JROTC? There is a wide variety of subjects taught in JROTC from how to march, salute, and command, to U.S. History, financial planning, first aid, study skills, and more.
ARE THE INSTRUCTORS IN THE ARMY? No. JROTC instructors are retired military members and are facutly member and employees of the school district like all other teachers, but are certified by the U.S. Army to teach JROTC.
    1.  JROTC is the only formal course in the school that teaches leadership development. The course also encourages practical application by giving the students the opportunity to run their own extra-carricular groups and manage certain other aspects of the JROTC program.
    2.  The course carries full elective credit towards graduation, just like all other academic courses, is part of the career preparatory tract, and enhances the college preparatory curriculum.
    3.  For those students who do join the military after high school, the Army gives up to two pay grades (ranks) advance standing for successful completion of JROTC. A pay increase is about $300 per month.
    4.  For those students who go to college after high school, many colleges offer advance standing and credit for successful completion of JROTC to students who enroll in college ROTC.
    5.  For those students seeking college scholarships or Service Academy appointments (i.e., West Point, Naval Academy, Air Force Academy), JROTC may provide an advantage towards selection.
DO I HAVE TO WEAR A UNIFORM? Yes. Uniforms are required one day a week, for the entire school day.
DO BOYS HAVE TO GET A SHORT HAIRCUT? No. Hair must be neatly trimmed and meet minimum dress code standards established by the school. Mustaches are permitted as long as they are neatly trimmed and do not extend beyond or fall below the corners of the mouth. Beards and goatees are not authorized.
WHAT ACTIVITIES ARE AVAILABLE IN JROTC? There is a wide range of activities with the exact number dependant on the interest of students. JROTC offers drill teams, marksmanship teams, color guard, summer camps, group sponsored social activities (i.e., military ball, dining-in, local and out-of-tow trips), and other ways to become involved.
WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN JROTC?. Enrollment in the JROTC program requires that certain conditions be met as in any other type of program. A student formally enrolled in the JROTC program must be:
    1.  A citizen of the United States. EXCEPTION: Non-citizens who intend to become citizens and present evidence of such intent to the Senior Army Instructor. Or, non-citizens who do not intend to become citizens whose government is recognized by the United States and the national interests of which are compatible with those of the United States.
    2.  At least 14 years of age. EXCEPTION: Students under 14 years of age, provided they are regularly enrolled in the high school.
    3.  Physically able to participate in the physical education program of the school. A "Statement of Health," signed by parent is required to be on file in the JROTC deparment shortly after school begins.
    4.  Selected by the Senior Army Instructor with approval of the principal.
    5.  Acceptable to the school as a regular enrolled student.
    6.  Qualified morally. A student who has a record of conviction by a civil court or by any type of court-martial, for other than a minor traffic violation, is not eligible for enrollment in the JROTC program unless a waiver is granted. A student may request for waiver of conviction by a civil or military court when the offense is nonrecurring, provided such request is accompanied by a recommendation from the Senior Army Instructor that a waiver be granted.
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