Paul Weber  --  Mathematics teacher

Leland and Gray UHS/MS
2042 Vermont Rt. 30
Townshend, VT 05353

Home  --  802-365-4086   Please make my home phone your first choice.
School  --  802-365-7355 ext.209

I teach mathematics. This year that includes APCalculus AB, Algebra I, Euclidean Geometry and Algebra 2.

Educational background: I'm a local kid who grew up in Dummerston and graduated from the University of Vermont in 1976.  Truly a long time ago.

Educational philosophy: There are all kinds of ways to teach and learn. I believe in providing a challenging
environment with a broad range of activities. It is important for students to become clear thinkers and to form opinions. Sometimes I will say something wrong just to see who is thinking. Sometimes I will say something like 1 + 1 = 10, which may appear to be false, but can, in fact, be true. Probably I make enough unintended 
mistakes without trying to be subtle about it. In any case, discussions and explanations along these lines
broaden an understanding and outlook on life, make a person more open-minded. And they can be fun, which is   always a good thing. Getting off on a tangent in class is fun and valuable, but we need to also cover the basic material in a thorough way. A big part of doing academic learning is practice, otherwise known as homework. It is the foundation of learning the subject.

Personal interests/information: I am a veteran teacher here at Leland and Gray. My wife and I opened our Bed and Breakfast on the Townshend Common at about the same time that I arrived here after teaching at Vermont Academy for six years. That was about thirty years ago. Before that I had worked with young dyslexic students. More recently we have taken an interest in East Africa, specifically Longido, Tanzania. This is a small Maa'sai village close to the Kenyan border with lots of needs, where we have volunteered several times. We have been fortunate to finally acquire "permanent residency" for one of its citizens and Leyeyo has been with us since August of 2006.  The whole process has been a real education for all of us!  Doing what is best for him and his tribe is thought-provoking and keeps us very busy.  That's exactly how you feel about the kids in your life, I'm sure.  Sarah and Leyeyo continued our projects with the village this summer.  Sarah worked with her women's group and did arts and crafts with the kids.  She helped finish up a new house for his mother, for which Leyeyo and some friends had raised $8000.  Besides the house project, Leyeyo helped out in a variety of ways and he reconnected with his friends and family,particularly since he reacquired his Kiswahili quickly and was able to translate for Sarah.  Leyeyo is finishing up his senior year of high school and we are planning a celebratory climb up Kili next summer.

We are always interested in new ideas and so please give a call sometime if you'd like to chat.


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