Congratulations Midsummers Cast!

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The cast of A Midsummers Night's Dream was awarded the N.E.T.C. Moss Heart award.
The Banquet will be held on October 25th, everyone who was involved in the production is welcome to attend.
Please contact Ms. L for more information.

Leland and Gray Players Present A Midsummer Night's Dream

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TOWNSHEND  The Leland and Gray Players close their 18th season with Shakespeare’s rollicking romantic comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream  May 15-17 in the Dutton Gymnasium on the Leland and Gray campus, Rte. 30, Townshend.

A Midsummer Night's Dream is Shakespeare’s playful look at the mechanics and short-circuiting of love. According to the Folger edition of the play: “Theseus and Hippolyta, about to marry, are figures from mythology. In the woods outside Theseus' Athens, two young men and two young women sort themselves out into couples—but not before they form first one love triangle, and then another.  Also in the woods, the king and queen of fairyland, Oberon and Titania, battle over custody of an orphan boy; Oberon uses magic to make Titania fall in love with a weaver named Bottom, whose head is temporarily transformed into that of a donkey by a hobgoblin or "puck," Robin Goodfellow. Finally, Bottom and his companions ineptly stage the tragedy of "Pyramus and Thisbe”” before all plot threads tie neatly and happily together in the end.  The Players production is set in the early 19th century, the Romantic period, and its incidental music is drawn from Playford’s 17th century dances arranged by Leland and Gray music faculty Tom Walters and the production’s assistant director, Addie Mahdavi ’14. Instrumentalists include Carl Judd-Wright ’15, Fraser Query ‘14, Ethan Abbott ‘19, Kayla Williams ‘14, Genevieve Darling ‘14, and Sam Dutton ’15, as well as Walters and Mahdavi.

The cast of primarily middle and high school students includes Alexa Litchfield as Puck; Zoe Soule as Hermia; Madison Cannella, Helena; Nathaniel van Osdol, Lysander; Tino Benson, Demetrius; Gabrel Vanni-Phillips, Oberon; Nicole Winot, Titania; Jesse Cannella, Bottom; Sean Kiziltan, Theseus; Mehram Zain, Hippolyta; Patrick Hauer, Egeus; Evan Reilly, Philostrate; Aiden McCormick, Theseus’ attendant, and  the “mechanicals’: Rebekah Winot, Adam Culver, Sam Thibault, Arik Clark, and Patrick Hauer; sprites Adam Culver and Vinnie Ferrizzi joined by Christian Cannella, Nicolas Tolbert and Andrew Tolbert from Jamaica Elementary.  The cast is rounded out by fairies played and sung by Julia Barton, Oly Gurik, Fairen Stark, Sarah Anderson, Mehram Zain, Natalie Cullen,  Yachne Nilges, and Rebekah Winot and, from Newbrook Elementary, Sylvia Stark and Veronica Stevens.

Tino Benson is graphic and costume designer; Madison Cannella is scene designer; Grant Cullen and Sage Hall run sound; Nate Laning and Stephen Scott run lights with Nastia Stevens, Kenny Cashman, Anna-Cate Harrison.  Oly Gurik has created signage and parent Dale Stevens is tech assistant.  Numerous adults have helped including Tim Soule, Rob Cramp, Mitch Cashman; Kim Soule, Bonnie Cramp, Kristina Barker, Cheryl Cullen, and Vera Gervais.

Running crew captain is Genevieve Darling with Olivia Reilly,  Jacob Bush, Kayla Williams, Fraser Query and Rachel Spence as crew.  Costumier and production assistant is Abby  Wicker ’02; assistant director is Addie Mahdavi.

The production is full of belly-laughs, spectral surprises and poignant moments of ill-fired romance.  Taking time with the text, the Players have uncovered the marvelous laughs, subtle innuendos and opportunities for high physicality.

Performances are Thursday, May 15 at 7; Friday, May 16 at 7:30 and Saturday, May 17 at 3 and 7:30.  Group rates are available.  For more information, write


How to Succeed in Business Photos

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Arik Clark as J. Pierrepont Finch

Arik Clark as J. Pierrepont Finch and Madison Cannella as Smitty

left to right: Kayla Williams, Violet Webster, and Sarah Anderson rehearse

Jasmine Domenick as Hedy LaRue and Jesse Cannella as JB Biggley 

The Players present How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying!

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 Leland and Gray Players present  How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, a wildly satirical hit musical by Frank Loesser and Abe Burrows. Performances will be November 14, 7pm; November 15, 7:30; November 16, 3 and 7:30; November 17, 3pm.  Based on a real-life mid-20th century success guide by Shepherd Mead, the story centers on a young window washer, J. Pierrepont Finch, who begins a meteoric rise from mail room clerk to head of the dubiously-directed World-Wide Wicket Company.  How to Succeed …first opened on Broadway in 1961 with Robert Morse playing Finch.  It’s since been revived three times, most recently with Daniel Radcliffe as the lead.  Full of snappy wit, naïve romance, broad burlesque, hummable tunes and foot tapping dance, this show will leave audiences laughing and singing for a long while after curtain call.


The plot boldly lampoons the notion in corporate America that one can rise to the top with little more than charm and chutzpah.  And, in the process s/he can garner praise, attention, and romance.  Were it not for the fact that Finch, the center of the satire, is such a deep-down good person, the mood would be far less ebullient.  As it is, we revel in the ruse as much as in the result—an honestly happy ending.


The company includes Arik Clark as J. Pierrepont Finch and Addie Mahdavi as Rosemary Pilkington; Jesse Cannella is JB Biggley, Patrick Hauer is Bud Frump, Jasmine Domenick is Hedy Larue; Zoe Soule is Bratt, Madison Cannella is Smitty, Gabrel Vanni-Phillips is Jones; Kayla Williams is Miss Krumholtz; Kenny Cashman is Mr. Womper and Adam Culver is Mr. Twimble.  Supporting cast includes; Sarah Anderson, Vinnie Ferrizzi, Violet Webster, Jessop Burrow,  Sean Kiziltan, Sam Thibault, Mariah Maytas, Sage Hall,  Nathaniel Van Osdol, Anastasia Stevens, Natalie Cullen, and  Summer Performing Arts Exploration participants, Skye Richardson from Townshend Elementary and Veronica Stevens from Newbrook Elementary.


Ann Landenberger is director; Abby Wicker, L&G ’02  is assistant producer and head costumier; Ron Kelley is music director.  In the the pit band is Dan Dewalt, pianist; Fraser Query, drums; Susie Francy, reeds; Tom Walters, bass; Daniel Timmermans and Carl Judd-Wright, trumpets.  Kristen Carmichael-Bowers is vocal coach; Mae Cramp is set designer with assistance from crew and Players’ parent, Johanna Gardner.  Madison Cannella, Rachael Turner and Mariah Maytas are choreographers.  Crew includes Genevieve Darling, Olivia Reilly, Rachel Spence, Greer Bills, Summer Bills, Stephen Scott, Max Cramp, Nate Laning, Sage Hall, Grant Cullen, Brittany Sablovski, Alexa Litchfield, Fairen Stark, Mehram Zain, Oly Gurik, Alexis Lawrence, and Sam Harrison.  Sound crew is aided this year by training with music faculty member Tom Walters.  Parent volunteers assist in many facets of production.


Tickets: Adults-$8; students and seniors, $6.  For information and reservations write or call Annie Landenberger at 802.365.7355 x204.


The remainder of the Players’ 2013-2014 includes Hats Off, the annual cavalcade of comedy, song and dance, March 7-8 and A Midsummer Night’s Dream with design by Madison Cannella and incidental music by Susie Francy  May 15-17.  All are welcome to join in the Players’ work…and play.

How to Succeed (in learning our music!)

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Here is the link to the Music Theatre International site for How to Succeed in Business:

You can find information on the show, as well as the correct soundtrack for the show. 

Leland and Gray Players present How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

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Cast List: 
Finch: Arik Clark
Biggley: Jesse Cannella
Rosemary: Addie Mahdavi
Hedy: Jasmine Domenick
Bud: Patrick Hauer
Bratt: Zoe Soule
Smitty: Madison Cannella
Book Voice: Nathaniel VanOsdol
M. Jones: Gabrel Vanni-Phillips
Twimble: Adam Culver
Womper: Kenny Cashman
Gatch: Sam Thibault
Jenkins: Mariah Maytas
Miss Krumholz: Kayla Williams
Ovington: Sarah Anderson
1 Man: Season Kizilton
Peterson/Toynbee: Kayla Williams
Tackaberry/Davis: Jessop Burrow
Johnson: Violet Webster
Matthews: Vinnie Ferezzi
1 Girl: Violet Webster
2 Girl: Oly Gurik
3 Girl: Natalie Cullen
Cop: Nathaniel VanOsdel
Scrubwoman 1: Violet Webster
Scrubwoman 2: Sarah Anderson
Wickettes: Oly Gurick, Mariah Maytas and Sarah Anderson 

Spots available within the Chorus for anyone who wants to appear onstage!

Director: Ms. Landenberger
Assistant Producer: Abby Wicker
Music Director: Mr. Kelley
Choreography: Mariah Maytas with tba
Vocal Coach: Kristen Carmichael-Bowers

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Guys and Dolls Photos

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The Leland and Gray Players present Guys and Dolls

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TOWNSHEND   The Leland and Gray Players present Guys and Dolls, the boisterous musical based on stories by Damon Runyon with music and lyrics by Frank Loesser, on Wednesday, March 27 at 7; Thursday, March 28 at 7; Friday, March 29 at 7:30; andSaturday, March 30 at 3 and 7:30 at Leland and Gray's Dutton Gymnasium.


Action is set in 1948, Times Square on Broadway, the heart of New York, New York. As lights come up, we meet a pack of crap shooters and a congregation of missionaries working to convert them, the sinners of the most dangerous part of the city. The gambler who runs the crap game, Nathan Detroit, is strapped for the cash he needs to pay for a space to hold his game. He has also been engaged to Adelaide, a dancer at the Hot Box Club, for 14 years. When Nathan hears the big gambler Sky Masterson is in town, he makes a bet with Sky to raise the money he needs. He wagers that Sky can't get Sarah Brown, the head of the Save-a-Soul Mission, to fly to Havana, Cuba, with him for dinner the next day. Sarah resists at first, but eventually relents when Sky quotes the Bible and offers to bring at least a dozen gamblers into her mission.  The two take a plane to Havana where the story takes a turn.  Once back in New York and after a few twists, tussles and rolls of the dice, all enjoy a very happy ending.  Favorite tunes from the show include “Luck Be a Lady,” “Fugue for Tinhorn,” “If I Were a Bell,”  “I’ll Know,” and “Adelaide’s Lament.” 


This production of Guys and Dolls is directed by Ann Landenberger with assistant producer Abby Wicker. Ron Kelley is music director and Broadway veteran, Terrie Robinson, is choreographer.  Scenery has been created by Leland and Gray art teacher Kristen Wilson’s design classes and costumes are the creations of Abby Wicker with parent volunteers Kim Soule Vera Gervais, Bonnie Cramp, and others.  The cast includes: Addie Mahdavi, Rachael Turner, Adam Culver, Rebekah Winot, Susie Francy, Patrick Hauer, Arik Clark, Madison Cannella, Nathaniel Van Osdol, Kenny Cashman, Jesse Cannella, William Jagiello, Zoe Soule, Jesse Newton, Maddi Etman, Gable Rak, Tino Benson, Jasmine Domenick, Gia Casella, Sean Kiziltan, Asa Chapin, Michael Zima'nyi, Alana Redden, Nastia Stevens, Kayla Williams and, from Newbrook Elementary, Fairen Starks and Sam Thibault.   Crew includes Max Cramp, Sam Harrison, Maezie Cramp, Genevieve Darling, Rachel Spence, Grant Cullen, and others.


Guys and Dolls can be seen March 27, 28, 29, and 30 in Leland and Gray's Dutton Gymnasium on Route 30 in Townshend.


Tickets are $8 for adults; $5 for students and seniors in advance or at the door. For more information, contact Ann Landenberger at or 802.365.7355 x 204.

Guys and Dolls Cast List

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Salvation Army

Sarah Abernathy                  Addie  Mahdavi

Arvide Abernathy                Rachael Turner

General Cartwright             Maddi Etman

Agatha                                    Susie Francy

Calvin                                     Adam Culver

Martha                                    Rebekah Winot,

Ermeline                                 Chloe Fawcett


Brannigan:                              Kenny Cashman 


Sky Masterson                       Jesse Newton

Nathan Detroit                      Jesse Cannella

Miss Adelaide                        Zoe  Soule

Nicely Nicely Johnson         Patrick Hauer

Big Jule                                     Gia Casella

Harry the Horse                     Nathaniel Van Osdal

Rusty Charlie                         Madison Cannella

Angie the Ox                          William Jagiello

Benny Southstreet                Arik Clark

Joey Biltmore                          Gable Rak       

Other gangsters                     Asa Chapin

                                                   Sean Kiziltan

                                                   Tino Benson

                                                   Michael Zima’nyi

Other Molls                            Danielle Senn

                                                    Natalie Cullen

Hot Box Girls

Mimi                            Jasmine Domenick

Ferguson                    Alana Redden

Lucy                            Madison Cannella

Allison                        Gabbi Walton

Vernon                        Nicole Winot

Sally                            Rebekah Winot

Suzie                           Rachael Turner 

People of New York

Prize Fighter               Sean Kiziltian

His manager               Tino Benson

Con artist                    Adam Culver

Texans                         Gable Rak and Nicole Winot

Chorus Girls              Alana Redden and Gabbi Walton

Photographer             Susie Francy

Actresses                     Chloe Fawcett and Rebekah Winot

Pickpocket                  William Jagiello




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