School Health


Vaccines are one of our nation's most successful and cost-effective public health tools.

Vaccinations help protect against risk of disease, whether from contact with individuals who choose to not be vaccinated,** or when traveling to places that have diseases not common in Vermont.

Increasing immunization coverage will protect the health of all Vermonters by reducing, and preventing serious disease in the children and adults who receive immunizations against vaccine-preventable diseases.

The Department of Health works statewide to make sure children and adults receive the immunizations they need:

  • Providing up-to-date vaccine, materials, training, and support to public and private vaccine providers.
  • Working in partnership with immunization providers, and local and statewide professional organizations.
  • Raising public awareness about immunizations and vaccines.

Please explore this web site to learn more about our immunization programs, and what the Department of Health has to offer.

If you have questions Visit

or Call Your District Health Office in Brattleboro:   Rebecca Olmstead at 802-251-2105

**Herd immunity (or community immunity) describes a form of immunity that occurs when the vaccination of a significant portion of a population (or herd) provides a measure of protection for individuals who have not developed immunity.   Herd immunity theory proposes that, incontagious diseases that are transmitted from individual to individual, chains of infection are likely to be disrupted when large numbers of a population are immune or less susceptible to the disease. The greater the proportion of individuals who are resistant, the smaller the probability that a susceptible individual will come into contact with an infectious individual.

What are the Goals of School Health?

Ultimately, school health has four interrelated goals:
  1. Improve health knowledge, attitudes, and skills
  2. Improve health behaviors and health outcomes
  3. Improve educational outcomes
  4. Improve social outcomes
These goals are most effectively and efficiently achieved when all the goals are addressed simultaneously through a coordinated approach.

Health Services

School health services strengthen and facilitate the educational process by improving and protecting the health status of students and school personnel.

School Health Advisory/Action Council

To read a description of the model for our Council, please go to this Department of Health website 

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