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                                  Right Lighting
    What is right lighting? Right lighting is when a classroom isn't using to much or to little lighting. The right amount of lighting a classroom is about 50 foot candles. In our classroom and in most other classrooms, we use about 100 foot candles, which is way over what we should be using. To help this problem, we turned off one of our light switches, and we were down to about 50 foot candles.                                                  

                                    Ways To Reduce Lighting 
  • Make sure to turn off the lights in a room when you leave
  • If you have 2 light switches for a room, then you can turn one of them off
  • You can replace your current light bulbs with ones that don't harm the environment
  • Turn off any outside lights in the day
  • Use sensors or timers to shut lights off in a room when you leave, or shut the outside lights off during the day. 
  • If your room or classroom gets a lot of light through the windows turn the lights off and get natural light.
  • If you have two light switches, and your room is above 50 foot candles turn off one switch and 

Video Lesson - Light Audit - 3-5.mp4