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    HVAC is responsible for about 48% of energy use in most homes. It is one of the main reasons that our energy bills are so high, because it is worth half of most of our energy expenses. Summer and Winter are the biggest seasons for using energy. They are the two seasons where you either need to set the AC or heater. If we all turned our heating or AC down just a little bit, or turned off our air conditioners and speed some windows, we could save money and energy. Ways you do this is setting your temperature to the general recommendation. In winter, the recommended temperature to set is 68°Fahrenheit. In Summer, the recommendation is 78°Fahrenheit. 

   Heating is a big problem with energy. When you heat up your house or classroom, you are wasting a lot of energy. Not only that, but also if you have your windows open, you will be wasting your energy that could be used for more important things. Ways that you could save energy from heating is, while you are at home, you could make sure your doors and windows are closed. Additionally, you could turn off the heat and just put on a sweatshirt or lay in a blanket.

  Ventilation means the process of supplying fresh air in your enclosed rooms. To have proper ventilation it requires that there needs to be a movement or circulation within your space in your enclosed rooms. Not only that, but also, the temperature along with the humidity must be maintained by within a certain range that allows the most adequate evaporation of the perspiration from your skin. Its formerly believed that discomfort, like headache and lethargy when you are having poor ventilation in your enclosed space.

    A/C Air Conditioning
    Air Conditioning is a very big energy hog. When you turn on you turn on the AC, you are wasting energy. In the summer you should open a door or window, instead of putting on the air conditioner. You should also avoid setting your A/C at a colder setting than normal, because it will not cool your home any faster and could result in excessive cooling, which could lead to unnecessary expense. So if you want to cool down on A/C costs then I  recommend you do these things.