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Renewable Energy

    What is Renewable Energy?


    Clean energy is when you do not use fossil fuels to use your lights, and heating and cooking. Fossil fuels also cause tons of pollution. Clean energy saves the environment and produces significantly less C02. Clean energy consists of wind, solar, geothermal, hydraulic, and biomass. We will inform you about all of these types of clean energy, and how fossil fuels produce energy.

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Types of renewable energy:

  • Solar energy - uses energy from the sun instead of coal, oil, and natural gas
  • Wind energy - uses turbines to make energy from the wind
  • Hydraulic energy - when dams let some water through to spin a magnetized wheel to generate electricity
  • Biomass - when crops, usually corn, are used to create fuel
  • Geothermal - when the Earth's natural underground heat is used to create energy
These are only SOME of the types of clean energy sources.  

Saving energy saves money. That is why peoples taxes and bills are too expensive to pay.