Energy Contest

Energy Contest
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    For the contest, we are going to check your classroom while you are at lunch. If you didn't turn your lights off, we will put an x next to your teacher’s name. If the lights aren’t on, we'll leave a space empty. We’ll come around check if anyone is in the classroom, if so and the lights are turned on then that's not a problem. The contest is whoever is the best at making sure their lights are off, will win. The idea is to save energy.
    We are also giving an award for the best grades' effort to save energy. However, if someone is in the classroom, and the lights are on, no points will be taken away. This is because the light energy isn’t being wasted. What's the prize you ask? The prize for the best grade is an ice cream party! Who's the winner? KINDERGARTEN! Second place, third and 2nd grade, and in third place 1st grade.