What is the Power Save Team? 

As the Powersave team, we make sure that we save as much energy and money for our school. For example, we had a lights out contest to see which classroom is saving the most energy. Next, we went around to the classrooms to make sure that the classrooms are using the right amount of light and temperature. We also went around with special tools to help us know what temperature and how high the lighting is in each classroom.The Power Save team's responsibility is also to educate teachers and students on how to save energy in school, why it's important to save energy , and how you can save energy at home.

                            Tools and How We Do It

        Some of the tools we use are a temperature gun and a light meter. A light meter is what we use to test the brightness in the room while we do the lights in different ways, for example we will do 1 light on and 2 lights on and sometimes even no lights on. That is how we test the brightness of the room. We use the temperature gun to find the temperature of the room. We will point the laser at a wall, floor, or ceiling to find the temperature of the room. Then we can decide how many lights you should have on in your classroom. That is what we use and how we do it.   

What do we do?

As the Power Save Team, we make sure that when you leave the classroom, your lights are turned off. We also make sure that you have the necessary temperature of light in your room. The more temperature the light has, the more energy you’re wasting. We make sure that your not wasting too much energy so that we can save money for our school. Another way to save is by making sure that the person at the end of the line turns the lights off. You can also make a sign on your door to tell anyone who comes into your room, to turn the lights off when they leave the room. If you have two light switches, you can turn one of them off so that you are saving more energy.

Why is it important to Save?

It's important to save power for 2 important reasons: saving money, and saving the environment. These will slow global warming and save the environment. Saving energy will keep power companies from putting more pollution into the atmosphere. Saving power also saves money, and more money means that more people can get solar panels and other renewable energies to save even more energy. If you save energy you can save animals from the harmful effects from power plants. So starting small can have a huge effect on stopping global warming. You can also save money at school if your the last one out of the classroom turn out the lights to save more money.

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