Google Docs File Management

    Google Docs has numerous features that help you to navigate, organize, and manage your files. These short videos are intended for Google users who are familiar with the interface but would like to know more about file and folder management.
    Note, to view the files in full screen mode, click the Youtube icon and select the full screen option shown here
     from within Youtube.

    Viewing and sorting files...
    Learn about basic views and navigation  options in Google Docs.    (3 minutes)


    Marking Files and Folders in Google Docs
     Using stars, hidden files, and color coding." (5 minutes).

    Folders and Subfolders
    Create a folder structure to keep files organized. (6 minutes).

    Searching files and saved searches
    Learn how to search for files by various criteria (4 minutes).

     Deleting Files
     Be careful about deleting files in Google Documents!
    Find out how to protect against accidenta data loss (3 minutes).

    Hidden files: You can hide files from public view. To do this, 1) check the box next to the files you wish to hide; 2) Select Hide from the blue menu, and 3) View hidden files by selecting that option in the left hand window. Note that hidden files will appear within folders.