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Club Membership


While all of our showings are free to the general public, there are benefits to becoming an official club member. Membership is categorized into three main categories. Basic, Active, as well as Full membership.

  • Basic - You are signed up on our mailing list.
  • Active - Members that come to showings. You are eligible to run/vote for officers.
  • Full Membership* - See below.

Full Membership

Members who pay dues per term are entitled to many additional services that the Club offers.
Although a full membership is optional, becoming one will help support the club in our activities that we do.

The membership dues currently are $5 (Middle of Semester Special!) per semester.

Full Member Benefits

Member benefits are described below, and are only available to Club Members with clear accounts.

  • Club Members may receive laminated photo IDs cards, which are valid for their entire membership periods. The ID may feature either a personal photo or a picture of a favorite anime character. Pictures should be at least 350 pixels square, in either .png or .jpg format.
  • The Club maintains a lending library that members may use for their viewing pleasure. All Library policies are subject to the discretion of the Librarian or officers. Consult our library page for more information.
  • Official Club members also are entitled for voting on series to watch**.
  • Full club members also have a say into what we purchase next. We are always looking into expanding our library and an take suggestions from those who can support us.

Our library is due to the tremendous effort and generosity of our members and officers. We are always trying to expand our library, but sometimes series go unnoticed on our radar. If you know of an anime that you like, but that we do not have in our library, tell us. We kindly accept recommendations, and we gladly accept donations. Contact the our officers if you would like to recommend or donate anime.

Loss of Membership

If a member fails to pay dues or late fees, withholds library items, flames, harasses others, or commits a gross violation of the Club Membership / Lehigh policies, his or her membership may be suspended or revoked.

Supporting the Club

Club Member dues and donations support additional anime purchases, allow us to promote anime throughout the community,and allows to have events on and off campus. Officers meet to determine how our budget is allocated. We encourage Club Members to come to meetings if they have comments or suggestions. We also encourage members to donate tapes, DVDs, CDs, books, and other anime material that is not already in the library.

Welcome to the Club!

Other notes:
Things on this page may change.
*Full membership does not automatically put you into active membership.
**Depending on how we decide to vote, only members who are both active and full are entitled to vote for a series to watch and / or purchase.
***Full memberships may be granted based on the level of effort and support put into the organization. This will be taken into consideration on a case by case basis.