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We may be giving away prizes during our events. Come and join us as we have fun, enjoy, and experience the world of anime.
Check out the list below to see what we have in stock!

A big thank you to FUNimation for their support box! Please check out their shows at their website!

Note: You can only win once per period of time. It will be decided on sometime but it is to distribute prizes fairly.  
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ItemGoneAdditional Comments
ItemGoneAdditional Comments
Doraeman McToy Special  Japanese Version 
Kamui Gaiden T-Shirt (One Ninja Stands Alone)  Size: L 
One Piece Button  Chopper 
Ouran High School Club Pin  Set of Two: Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin 
Ouran High School Host Club Necklace 
Prince of Tennis Flashing Key Chain   
Prince of Tennis Magic Joy Iron-On   
XXXHolic Sixth Collection  May have been watched if checked out of our library. 
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Raise of the Sacred Beasts Part I  May have been watched if checked out of our library. 
Be@rBrick Keychain   
Strike Witches Keychain  501st Joint FIghter Wing Emblem 
Tower of Druaga - The Sword of Uruk Part II   
Showing 12 items