Before you use Google Apps...
Please read Lehigh's cloud computing policy. Sensitive data of any kind (user credentials, educational records covered under HIPPA and FERPA are a few examples) should NOT be stored on Google Apps. For more information read the policy or contact the LTS Help Desk.

Fall 2013 Classes

Go to and click on the seminars link.

Departmental Google accounts
When a Google service is needed to facilitate work in a department (e.g., you need a departmental calendar or departmental document workspace), it is often preferable to manage the service from a departmental "in" account rather than through a staff member's individual account. Managing a service through a departmental account ensures continuity as staff leave the university or move to other positions. To add Google services to an existing departmental account or to request a new account with Google services, contact Kelly Decker at 8-3990 or

Google Apps Quickstart: Log in and Go! 
To start using Lehigh Google Calendar:
  1. Go to or
  2. Select an application (any will do)
  3. If this is  your first time login, accept the terms to continue.
  4. Now you should be in Google Apps!
Google features for Lehigh Users...
Lehigh Contacts
Lehigh's email/staff directory is  integrated into Google Apps, so as you type a user name or ID, Google generates a list of matches  (autocomplete feature). 

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