From April to early September 2008, LIA members visited offices of 30 legislators nationwide, and submitted LIA’s petitions for legal immigration reform. Emphasis was on members of the Sub-committee on Immigration and the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives. Specific requests include:

  • Support legislations to recapture 218,000 unused employment-based visas;
  • Support legislations to exempt advanced STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) degrees from the green card cap;
  • Repeal an unfair provision of the Chinese Student Protection Act of 1992;
  • Investigate and stop H1B visa abuses.

Following these visits, Congressmen Michael Honda, Sheila Jackson-Lee and Mel Watt became co-sponsors of Congresswoman Lofgren’s Visa Recapture bill (H.R. 5882). Congressman David Wu will co-sponsor both the Visa Recapture bill and STEM bill (H.R. 6039) of Congresswoman Lofgren. LIA members will continue to visit offices of members of Congress across the country in an organized manner.

LIA needs your help in its lobbying effort. Please contact your local chapter if you want to participate. Here is a partial list of LIA's office visits so far:

2008-4-2, John Campbell,Representative (CA-48),Southern CA
2008-4-2, David G. Reichert,Representative (WA-8),Washington
2008-4-16, William Delahunt,Representative (D-MA-10),Massachusetts
2008-4-18, Zoe Lofgren,Representative (D-CA-16),Northern CA
2008-4-23, Michael Honda,Representative (D-CA-15),Northern CA
2008-4-23, Dianne Feinstein,Senator (D-CA),Southern CA
2008-4-23, Jim Moran,Representative (VA-8),Virginia
2008-4-23, Eric Cantor,Representative (VA-7),Virginia
2008-4-23, John Warner,Senator (R-VA),Virginia
2008-4-23, Jim Webb,Senator (D-VA),Virginia
2008-4-23, Steny Hoyer,Representative (MD-5),Maryland
2008-4-24, Sheila Jackson Lee,Representative (D-TX-18),Texas
2008-4-24, Mel Watt,Representative (NC-12),North Carolina
2008-5-14, Danny Davis,Representative (IL-7),Illinois
2008-5-15, Al Green,Representative (TX-9),Texas
2008-5-20, John Cornyn,Senator (R-TX),Texas
2008-5-22, Sue Myrick,Representative (NC-9),North Carolina
2008-6-9, Jim McDermott,Representative (D-WA-7),Washington
2008-6-9, Keith Ellison,Representative (D-MN-5),Minnesota
2008-6-25, Lamar Smith,Representative (TX-21),Texas
2008-6-25, Bob Goodlatte,Representative (R-VA-6),Virginia
2008-6-26, Elizabeth Dole,Senator (R-NC),North Carolina
2008-7-9, Brad Sherman,Representative (CA-27),Southern CA
2008-7-17, Richard Burr,Senator (R-NC),North Carolina
2008-7-18, David Wu,Representative (OR-1),Oregon
2008-7-21, Barbara Boxer,Senator (D-CA),Southern CA
2008-7-21, Charles Schumer,Senator (D-NY),New York
2008-7-22, Artur Davis,Representative (D-AL-7),Alabama
2008-7-28, Elton Gallegly,Representative (CA-24),Southern CA
2008-9-5, Barbara Boxer,Senator (D-CA),Northern CA
2008-9-5, Arlen Specter,Senator (R-PA),Pennsylvania

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