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    This soaker hose is specially made to be used in no-to-low flow applications, specifically with rain barrels. The hose includes a 200 T-mesh filter which prevents debris from clogging the hose. Set-up is as easy as connecting the hose to your rain barrel's spigot and running it through your garden by the base of your plants. You can even cover the hose with a thin layer of mulch to conceal it. Once installed, the hose will time release water along its entire surface which minimizes water loss and constantly hydrates your plants, making your rain barrel more effective and removing the need to constantly water ground-based plants.
    • Materials: Rubber, plastic, mesh
    • Quantity: One (1)
    • Dimensions: 50 feet long
    • Specially designed for use with rain barrels
    • Gradually releases water to plants
    • Virtually zero loss to evaporation
    • Perfect for arid climates and summer time
    • Includes 200 Mesh T-Filter to catch debris
    • 50-foot length for running all through your garden
    • Compatible with all 1.75-inch spigots

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