Meet the Teach!

This is my alter ego Evil English. You can find her on online at Twitter, Remind and Google Classroom.  She is always harping on studying for the next test and how you need to remember to do your homework. She can even haunt you via text message if you sign up for it. :)
Evil English is 5, 666 years old. She has a pet raven named Edgar and a pet owl named Sage. She downs massive amounts of coffee and spends all of her free time shopping for red pens. She loves to make student essays look like crime scenes. 

Just kidding! (Mostly)  This is my 12th year at Lee County High School and I am excited to be an educator. I firmly believe that when parents, students, and teachers work together, they become an unstoppable force for learning. 

Students (and parents) can sign up to receive text message reminders about upcoming quizzes, tests, and homework by signing up on Remind 101. To receive messages via text, text @steel11  if you are a junior  or @steel7 if you a junior taking the online 7th period class.

The side bar on the left has links to everything you might need. Click school supply list to find out what you need to begin the year. Please have your child visit the "All about ME & YOU" link on the left sidebar. They will have until a week after school starts to complete the spreadsheet there. I will give a grade for completion.


Count down to the last day of school: