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SelectVar - Variable Selection Helper Tool

Current version is 2.9003

This is a beta release of version 2!
See at the bottom of this page for the download link.  Look for the arrow
New with release 2.9003
  • CTRL+WIN+C copies the content of a selected treeview control to the clipboard
  • Adding !~ to a custom script variable name (e.g. %!~CustomVariable1%) reuses the value that was typed previously and stored in the ini file  
  • Stability improvements
Other key features
  • System tray menu
  • Auto verify for new releases
  • Automatic install to the program files location
  • Automatic creation of a startup shortcut
  • Case insensitive search on multiple tokens (separated by spaces)
  • Radio buttons help reduce the scope of the search
  • Search text does not reset; it makes it easy to map a new variable in multiple places
  • Macros allow automatic typing of common comment blocks
    • [Ctrl+Win+h] : Insert Program/Function Large Header Comment
    • [Ctrl+Win+a] : Insert NER SAR Line in header
    • [Ctrl+Win+s] : Insert SAR BEGIN/END Block
    • [Ctrl+Win+c] : Insert Comment Break Line
  • All predefined macros can be customized
  • Custom macros may be created, see ini file for example
    • !ic is the keyboard shortcut to the comment toolbar, which essentially activates the comment dialog using [alt+i], then c
    • {Enter} to push the enter key after a line
    • ^i Tab character
    • %A_UserName% current logged in user name
    • %CurrentDate% the current date
    • %SARNo% the content of an input box is determined at runtime.
    • Check out for more built-in variables
    • Other keyboard shortcuts can be used to execute different actions. See
  • Dynamic, prompted variables can be used in macros. 
  • Values of variables are stored and recalled even between program restarts
  • Settings stored in an ini file
Sebastien Leclerc,
Dec 5, 2012, 11:14 AM