Enterprise One Senior Technical Specialist




                           To implement tailored Enterprise One solutions in a challenging environment as a Senior Technical Specialist




                              Certified Oracle Implementation Champion – JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Technical Foundation

                              >12 years experience in software implementation and development 

                              >10 years experience with Oracle (4 of JD Edwards World Software and 10 of EnterpriseOne)

                              In-depth knowledge of the EnterpriseOne programming environment and toolset

                              Functional Experience on many EnterpriseOne modules

                              Successfully passed Qualification exam for the title of Certified OneWorld CNC System Administrator

                              Experienced with OneWorld B7332 through EnterpriseOne 8.11

                              Best in promotion graduate with BBA in Management Information Systems

                              Proficient with many development languages including C++, Visual Basic, Java

                              Spoken Languages: French (native), English

                              Written Languages: French (native), English

                              Currently living in MontréalCanada






                           BBA in Management Information Systems, August 1995

                            Sherbrooke University, Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada

                              Highest marks in promotion

                              President of RESO; a student association offering computer services to the community

                              President of the student association responsible for the activities surrounding the graduation


                           OneWorld CNC and System Administration, January 2000

                           JD Edwards, DenverColorado





                           Analyst, Programmer,  March 2007 - now

                           Illumina inc., San Diego, California – done 90% remotely


                              Analyze requirements, customize and test various modules required for the automation of the internal order process flow from the bioinformatics system to JDE.

                              Perform an impact analysis, retrofit custom objects including batch programs, ‘C’ business functions, Named Event Rules, interactive applications and table conversions, execute component testing, coordinate integrated testing with users, document, plan for go-live and support live system for the upgrade of an automated sales order and batching system from version Xe to version 8.12



                           Analyst, Programmer,  October 2006 – March 2007



                              Participate in the conception, development, testing and support of various programs and interfaces for the Enterprise Assets Management implementation

                              Develop Unix scripts that perform file transfers and log management

                              Develop a Generic Flat File driver to control the flow of flat files using FTP on Unix for various EDI interfaces

                              Troubleshoot performance problems caused by the real-time kernel on the enterprise server

                              Perform various production support tasks on the accounts payable module


                           Analyst, Programmer,  February 2006 – September 2006

                           DW Systems, EnglandUK


                              Acting as a Senior Technical Consultant, support DWS customers

                              Participate in the conception, development, testing and support of various programs and interfaces for the Chivas Brothers implementation


                           Analyst, Programmer & CNC,  January 2005 to October 2005

                           Illumina inc., San DiegoCalifornia


                              Analyze requirements, customize and test various modules required for the Sales Order Entry and Distribution Systems

                              Prepare the upgrade from Xe to 8.11, perform various CNC upgrade tasks


                           Analyst, Programmer & CNC,  June 2004 to December 2004

                           Kruger, MontrealCanada


                              CNC and Technical Lead for the upgrade Xe->8.9 of a vertical solution developed for the pulp & paper industry by EDS.

                              Support other programmers and CNC in the team

                              Prepare an upgrade environment

                              Perform an impact analysis for the retrofit of the custom code

                              Retrofit code from Xe to 8.9 for the P4210 and its associated business functions.

                              Retrofit code from Xe to 8.9 for various Sales & distribution module programs

                              Develop an enhancement of the development toolset


                           Analyst & Programmer,  Winter 2004



                              Analyze requirements and develop an interface to handle inbound advanced shipment notification

                              Analyze a custom process and suggest ways to increase performance by changing CNC and the code


                           Analyst, Programmer & CNC, August 2003 to June 2004



                              Analyze requirements, customize and test various work order programs to implement a version change control on pharmaceutical recipe

                              Analyze requirements, customize and test a custom work order document that meets pharmaceutical manufacturing requirements

                              Analyze requirements, customize and test various programs and reports supporting the daily operations

                              Support daily operations on the system, including security revisions, menu revisions, deployments, ESU installation, troubleshooting


                           Analyst and Programmer, August 2002 to June 2003

                           Abitibi Consolidated, MontrealCanada


                              Preside requirements identification sessions with users

                              Analyze requirements, customize and test programs linking the Sales Order Entry system to Accounts Receivable (A/R), Accounts Payable (A/P) and General Ledger (G/L), including the Sales Update. 

                              Analyze requirements, develop and test a document distribution platform for reports produced by OneWorld

                              Analyze requirements, develop and test an automatic invoicing exclusion rules system

                              Analyze requirements, develop and test a Windows 2000 service to automatically monitor XPIe services and notify administrators of any failure.


                           Analyst, Programmer and Technical Lead

                           Boomerang Tracking, January 2002 to August 2002


                              Analyze requirements, write specifications for new modules or customizations and coordinate the work of multiple programmers

                              Support a team of developers so they can achieve maximum efficiency

                              Analyze requirements, develop and test and interface linking OneWorld with an on-line credit card processing system

                              Integrate the on-line credit card processing system with A/R and Sales Order Entry (P4210) and its associated C business functions.

                              Analyze requirements, develop, test and implement a high volume batch credit card validation system for automatic contract renewal

                              Coordinate the efforts required for the bank certification of the interfaces

                              Analyze requirements, develop, test and implement an interface linking OneWorld with In-House real-time vehicle tracking servers


                           OneWorld Analyst, Programmer

                           Abitibi Consolidated, August 2001 to December 2001


                              Analyze requirements, code and test modifications to the Sales Order Entry program (P4210) and its associated C business functions (B4200310 and B4200311) to maintain a transaction file in parallel of the F4211.

                              Support the CNC team in a complex development environment

                              Advise the technical team leader on different modification strategies

                              Support the CNC team in the migration of objects from the development site to the CRP site using Product Packaging


                           World and OneWorld, CNC and Technical Lead

                           Abitibi Consolidated, April 2001 to July 2001


                              Coexistence upgrade of JD Edwards World and OneWorld in a large and highly complex environment


                           Analyst, Programmer and CNC

                           Quincaillerie Richelieu, September 2000 to Mars 2001

                              Custom development in an implementation of the OneWorld financial suite


                           CNC and technical lead

                           Montupet, February 2000 to June 2000


                              Implementation of OneWorld in a manufacturing environment


                           Consultant and member of the board

                           Integra Development Informatique, July 1999 to October 1999


                              Helped in the creation of a consulting start-up later bought by Le Groupe Créatech


                           Functional Analyst, World Software

                           Tramac, July 1999 to October 1999


                              Implementation of Financials and Sales and Distribution modules in World Software


                           Technical analyst, World Software

                           Carton St-Laurent, November 1996 to June 1999


                              Implementation of World Software in a manufacturing environment

                              Multiple data conversion done in various modules

                              Operational support of multiple modules including payroll, A/P and A/R


                           Analyst and Programmer

                           Andersen Consulting (Accenture), January 1995 to October 1996


                              Programming of a custom application in C for a government agency.






                           Environment  & Tools

                              JD Edwards Xe to 8.11

                              Report Design Tool (RDA)

                              EnterpriseOne Development Toolset

                              EnterpriseOne API

                              Microsoft Visual C++

                              Microsoft Visual Basic


                              SQL Server



                              AS/400 (RPG, CL, OS400)

                              Microsoft Office Suite

                              Microsoft Access

                              Microsoft Project


                              Microsoft Foundation Classes


                           EnterpriseOne Modules

                              Sales & Distribution




                              Finalcials (AR/AP/GL)

                              Human Resource



                              P4210 Sales Order Entry Heavy customization

                              Sales Order Entry ‘C’ business function heavy customization

                              ‘C’ development of complex Business Functions

                              Interfacing EnterpriseOne with almost anything



                              Photography (www.flickr.com/photos/sleclerc)

                              Listening to Music