The math department at Lyman Memorial High School is committed to assisting students in their development of  critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Students will develop an understanding of fundamental math concepts, become proficient in mathematical skills and procedures, and demonstrate accuracy in their ability to solve real world problems. Lyman’s goals reflect the importance of mathematical literacy and problem solving.  For this reason the following goals are the goals of all math courses. 


All students will:

          1.  Learn to value mathematics

2.  Become confident in their ability to do mathematics

3.  Learn to communicate mathematically

4.  Learn to reason mathematically

5.  Learn to work independently and collaboratively to produce and create academic work (Productivity)

6.  Apply the processes of analysis and evaluation to solve problems (Problem Solving)

7.  Demonstrate personal responsibility, cultural appreciation, and appropriate respectful behavior (Character)

8.  Use technology to problem solve