Greetings parents and students,

I am delighted to be working with you this year in science or AVID.  My hope is that together we will create memorable learning experiences and make great things happen.

Materials used in instruction, along with supplemental materials and resources, will be posted on this site by the end of the day it is covered in class.  This can assist with revisiting missed work, further studying to meet proficiency…or simply to explore.

I love to hear from students and parents and this collaboration will be our key to success.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  My contact information and office hours are shown below.  Our classroom is part of the community and open to all so please contact me if you would like to visit and/or assist.

Wishing you and your loved ones a great school year.

 e-mail: emmet.whittaker@lebanon.k12.or.us

Phone: 541 451-8555 Ext. 1097

Room 111

Before School - Available starting ~7.20am  

  p1 - 10th grade AVID
  p2 - 10th grade AVID
  p3 - AVID coordinator
  p4 - Environmental Science
  p5 - Environmental Science
  p6 - Environmental Science
  p7 - Prep
After School - Available until ~3.40pm  
NOTE:  Support schedule is dependent on meetings and will be posted in class each week