Hi all,
Just a bit about myself.  This is my 9th year at Hamilton Creek and my 8th year living in Sweet Home.  I had lived in Eugene for the previous 25 years.  And of course naturally I am a DUCK FAN!!!!   My kids and kid in laws live in Eugene and I have a beautiful granddaughter who gets all of my time outside of school!!!
Math is my passion!  I love to teach math, play with numbers and see all of life in terms numbers.  Just can't get away from numbers in our lives.  My goal is to have all students be successful in math, be motivated to achieve and even begin to like math.  
This year we are changing over to new testing called "Smarter Balanced" after so many years with OAKs.  It will be a new experience for us all.  As I receive more information I will post it here on this site.  My goal is to make it as "unscary" as possible, as I know many people have a lot of anxiety over it. It really is just another means to help us all determine where the student is, what they have learned over the year and what they need to work on.  
My classroom door is open every morning by 7:30 and most  afternoons by appointment....so if your child needs any help with math or needs to make up any work or tests please feel free to drop them by.  Our days are so packed that it is hard to find other times to have some one on one time.  My classroom is also open to anyone who wants to drop by and see us all in action tackling different math concepts.  Please feel free to come by and visit.
If you ever have any questions or concerns.....you can email me, nancy.webb@lebanon.k12.or.us , call (541)4518574 ext. 1421 or just stop by.

Happy Happy Successful Math Year to us All!!!

Nancy Webb